The round chocolate cookie shaped, inspired by large, delicious cookies with dimensions of 450 mm. The front and back of the Marik pillow are made from teddy fleece, providing a plush and comfortable outer layer, while the polyester adds durability. The PP cotton filling ensures that the pillow remains fluffy and supportive. Meticulously sewn for durability, enveloping you in warmth and coziness. You can use it as a sturdy backrest for support or as a pillow to comfortably rest your head on the sofa while reading a book or watching TV.

There are three colors to choose from for scattering on your couch or bed. These delightful little cushions are also a playful choice for your teen’s hangout room and a fun way to express your personality and design style.



Material: Teddy Fleece (Front and Back), 100% Polyester

Measurement :- 450 mm x 450 mm


Dark Brown, Light Brown, White

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